Two Things

First thing:

I just got Google adsense setup here. My contract forbids me from asking you to click on the links, so don’t click on the links if you don’t want to. Just know, I’m a poor college student and clicking a link is easy : ).

Second thing:

You HAVE to check out Pandora. It’s part of the Music Genome project, which was created to analyze music. I know, I know, sounds boring so far doesn’t it.

Fear not, more is on the way.

Pandora was designed as to utilize the research done in the Music Genome Project. This is done by you entering your favorite song or artist into a text box, and Pandora creates a “Station” for you to listen to with music that you most like will like. I was skeptical at first, but I was prooved wrong. Since I started writing this post, I’ve listened to 4 songs and they’ve all been really good songs of which two I have never heard.

Check it out,
Jon Howe

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