I’m Okay (and so is my blog)….

Long story short:

The computer that this blog is on was up for over 220 days, and when I restarted it, things were all messed up.

The only thing that I really wanted to back up was this blog, but I was unable to dump the mysql database because I couldn’t get it (mysql) to start.

I ended up copying the raw database in /var/lib/mysql to a backup directory.

Then I went on this whole crazy journey trying to convert my drupal database to be used with wordpress…… That didn’t work too well.

Then I realized that all along all that I had to do is enable mod rewrite in apache in order for it to work.

So there you have it: how my blog is working, and why I sound a little bit scatterbrained.

More later (hopefully),
Jon Howe

One thought on “I’m Okay (and so is my blog)….

  1. so… you got me using wordpress now… and i really like it cuz its so simple and it keeps me from trying to get mod crazy and mess things up too quickly.

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