Powershell – Provision NetApp Volume as NFS Datastore to vCenter

powercli-iconFor anyone that’s ever been through the process of provisioning a new datastore to multiple ESX hosts, you know it can take some time. Below are the steps I use

  1. Create Volume on NetApp
  2. Set Security Style to Unix
  3. Enable Storage Efficiency
  4. Set NFS Export permissions to allow Read/Write + Root Permissions to all applicable hosts
  5. Mount datastores on ESXi hosts

For a handful of hosts this is fine, but adding it to anything more than 4-5 hosts is reaaally painful in my experience. Below is a script you can use to take care of these steps in one swipe.


NetApp DataOnTap Toolkit

VMware PowerCLI

The script requires an array of the NFS clients (read ESXi hosts) you want to connect the datastore to.

Example 1 – assign the array to a variable, and manually add it to a parameter

Example 2 – Create an array, and pipe it to the script

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any challenges or questions



– Jon

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