Set Up A Headless Raspberry Pi

I find myself setting up Raspberry Pi’s more frequently than I’d like. I never ever have a monitor connected. Below is the method I use to get wireless network connectivity without connecting an Ethernet cable or a monitor and keyboard. This is here because I’m tired of sifting through incorrect articles to find this information.

  1. Download Raspbian and flash it to your SD card. Plenty of good guides out there, but there’s nothing quite like the source.
  2. Mount the SD card to your machine and navigate to the boot directory
  3. Create a blank file called “ssh” in the root of the boot partition
  4. Create a new file called “wpa_supplicant.conf” and include the contents below. Replace [ssid] and [password] with the values pertaining to your network.
  5. Safely unmount, and have fun!

If you want more information on this process – check out the Raspbian documentation on a headless install, and the wpa_supplicant documentation.

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