HowTo: Mount Bin/Cue files in Linux

Okay, so I I lied a little bit. I’m not sure how to mount a straight bin/cue file combination in Linux, but I do know that it’s really easy to convert them into an ISO file, and then mount the ISO in debian based linux.

sudo apt-get install bchunk

The syntax from bchunk is as follows:
bchunk [-v] [-p] [-r] [-w] [-s]

So if i wanted to convert image,bin and image.cue into image.iso, I’d run the command:
bchunk image.bin image.cue image.iso

Then to mount the ISO in linux you run the command:
mount -o loop -t iso9660 image.iso /mnt/image, where image.iso is the iso is the image that you want to mount and /mnt/image is the mount directory.

Hopefully you’ll find a use for this like I did. If it doesnt work feel free to leave me an email at howe -dot- jon -at- gmail -dot- com and I’ll respond as quick as I can.

Jon Howe

12 thoughts on “HowTo: Mount Bin/Cue files in Linux

  1. Had to put -r first, to get it to work, maybe it would work with -v aswell, anyway, it works! But am I the only one who get’s to .iso’s ?

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