Month: June 2006

Install IE6 SP1 In Linux Using Wine and then some…

Install IE6 SP1 In Linux Using Wine and then some…

I’ve recently come across the need to use Internet Explorer in linux, and decided to find a way to do it. It’s possible to just install it by hand using wine, but I wanted an easier way. This led me to WineTools.

With WineTools you can easily install a plethora of windows apps easily and automatically.

On a different note, I set up Gallery2 on this server again due to the fact that I have a nice camera now. Right now there’s just some random stuff, but soon (read: next saturday) I’ll have a lot more pictures due to the fact that I’m going backpacking during the week of the 4th of July at North Manitou Island.

I also found a really cool thing from NetZero called NetZero Voice. It’s use is so that if you for some reason asked me for my number I could give you my NetZero Voice number instead of my cell number.

It has all sorts of cool stuff that you can do with it, like sending a text message to your real cell when you get a voicemail, and listening to your voicemails online as well as on your phone. Best of all, it’s FREE.

My number is 6165281831. Leave me a message!

Jon Howe

Potato Burger

Potato Burger

This is probably the cheapest recipe I know.

What you need:
1 potato
1/4 cup flour, maybe less
olive oil
any seasonings you want, I use garlic powder, salt, and pepper

Shred the potato with a cheese grater. Squeeze out some of the liquid over the sink. Mix in some flour until it’s just a sticky mess. Heat up a skillet on medium and put a few splashes of olive oil on the pan. Make some patties with the potato, and fry just like a regular burger.

Serve with ketchup/catsup and toast (using any bread nearby).

EDIT: When you squeeze out the juice, dryer is better. It gets more crispy and isn’t as starchy.

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