Problems with AllPeers in Firefox

I found out recently, like a lot of people, that the AllPeers Firefox extension went Open Source. So naturally, I realized the hype it created and installed it.

Unfortunately, I never tested it, because none of my friends wanted to install it, so there it sat right there in my Firefox installation, dormant. It wasn’t until today that I had problems with it.

I restarted my computer today, and tried to start up Firefox, and it did nothing… So I started up the console, and started Firefox. It started starting up fine, with loading of AllPeers, then had a segmentation fault error…

I ended up having to remove the extension finally. To do this use the following steps:

  1. Open up your terminal emulator
  2. Navigate to ~/.mozilla/firefox
  3. There should be a directory there that has a bunch of seemingly random characters. Mine’s tr1d6tmr.default. Navigate to that directory.
  4. Navigate to the extensions directory.
  5. Execute ‘find ./ | grep peers’ and delete the directory things were found in.

Now if you were having the same problems as me, you should be able to start Firefox again!

Jon Howe