New Idea

I just got a new book on Ajax, which is an exploding method of creating code using a combination of Javascript, CSS, DOM, and xhtmlrequest.

That’s a bunch of technical junk I guess. The main point is that it allows you to do really cool things on a webpage without refreshing the whole page.

I’m going to try to read a chapter in it each day, if not one day then every two days, and post comments and maybe code examples (if I feel creative) as well.

I think, actually, that doing some code examples up here each time would cement the ideas into my head. Sounds like a plan.

… Wait, I’m not sure that the content management system that I’m using for this website can handle javacript… I guess we’ll see!

I’ll try and post an example or two / mabye a summary here later tonight once I finish chapter 2. (chapter 1 was way too boring, so I skipped it)

Jon Howe

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