Use VMware PowerCLI to Pull CDP information from ESXi Hosts

I like having documentation, but I hate creating documentation.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m slightly lazy at times, however, my own personal preferences for what I’ll call “Effort Allocation”, are not the root of my dislike for creating documentation.  The issue really stems from the fact that creating it is very time consuming, tedious, and usually lower on the priority list.

However, sometimes it’s not you that failed to create the documentation. Consultants frequently fall into this category.

The issue I’m handling here is documenting CDP information from the perspective of ESXi hosts using PowerCLI.

Rather than navigating to each host and grabbing the CDP info from each host in a cluster like the screenshot below, you can run the commandlet I’m publishing in this article.

Download the PS1 file, and check out examples in the comment based help below.

References: VMware KB 1007069

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