Running… or lack thereof

So over the entire summer I ran 4 times per week easily.  Sometimes it was more, and sometimes it was less.  I stayed on my running schedule for the first few weeks of school, but after that it got harder and harder to keep it up until i wasn’t running at all.  That’s been the case for the last month or so…. until yesterday that is.

I’ve never been hugely athletic.  I’ve usually been just athletic enough to barely keep up with people who were and not look stupid.  I’ve always heard of all of the benefits of getting regular exercise besides just getting into better shape physically like having a better mood and things like that, which is why I started running.

Hopefully I can keep this pace up like I was before, because I really want to run in a 5K race in the spring, namely the Fifth Third Riverbank Run.

On another note, I’ll be honest with you, this whole personal blog thing really isn’t the most fun for me, and I feel stupid talking about myself, haha. So anyways, I’m really going to try hard to do this type of a category, but I might not do it very often.

I’m going to write a little informational post about how to grow your blog in a few steps soon, so look for it!

Thanks for listening to my boring spiel,

Jon Howe

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