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I’m starting a new category called “Personal” on this blog.  I find it pretty boring just talking about tech related / howto stuff all the time.  Seeing as how it’ and not I’m going to act accordingly.

Anyways, I’ve been up to some pretty cool stuff lately.  Yesterday I found a small (20GB) hard drive next to my monitor…  I’m not quite sure how or when it got there, but I realized instantly that I needed to put it to use.  a friend of mine was over the other day and asked me if I had a raid array in my computer, and at the time I didn’t.  That all changed tonight…

I installed that bad boy into my computer and now I have a raid 0 (striping) array in my computer.

It was fairly easy to do, except for a fairly undocumented error having to do with not being able to have the “/boot” partition inside a raid array.  Once I figured that out it was smooth sailing. If anyone knows a good hard drive benchmarking tool I’d be interested in giving it a shot.

Well, this whole not-just-tech blog thing didn’t work so well this first time…  Oh well, I’ll give it another shot some time when it’s not so late.

Jon Howe

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