Problems when running apt-get on Debian

I’ve been having some problems using apt-get lately which led me to doing an apt-get dist-upgrade.

Smart me found this command on the internet and decided to use it. It worked just fine, except for the fact that when I restarted my computer the graphical display manager that I use didn’t start.

Here’s the steps that I took to diagnose the problem.

  1. I tried to start gdm instead of kdm by editing'/etc/X11/default-display-manager'. This file contains the path to your display manager, for me it was '/usr/bin/kdm'
  2. I tried changing that to '/usr/bin/gdm' and I received an X server error saying that my chosen X server (XFree86) was not found.I thought that this was a little funny because I didn’t think that I used XFree86, but Xorg instead.
  3. So, I looked at the file '/etc/X11/X', which is a symbolic link (which is like a shortcut in windows) and found out that in the upgrade it changed the link to point to a nonexistent file.
  4. After that I changed the link to point to '/usr/bin/X11/Xorg' and voila, kdm started up just fine.More Later,
    Jon Howe

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